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If you want to do something good, we want to help. Check out some of our Case Studies to see what we did for these other awesome people…

Branding | Web Design

Launching as the Industry Leader From Day One

A market-leading brand identity and ultra-slick, user-focused website for a start-up where sustainability and simplicity are key.

Branding | Web Design | Print Design

A Complete Overhaul for a Cutting-Edge Medical Company

A tear-it-up and start again redesign for a medical tech company growing at an incredible rate. 

Branding | Web Design | POS Design

Putting a Stop to Single-Use Plastics With a Pioneering Cup Return Scheme

Creating a bold, inclusive and eye-catching brand, website and marketing materials to get people to ditch single-use plastics in and around the city of Peterborough.

Branding | Web Design | Event Graphics

Forget the Vegan Branding You’ve Seen a Million Times Before… 

Just because you’re a vegan business it doesn’t mean you have to have a leaf in your logo.

We knew we could ditch the clichés and break the mould to make a bold statement.

Branding | Web Design

Showing That Business Finance Doesn’t Have to be Complicated.

A full back-to-the-start overhaul with content streamlining and new stand-out visual identity to increase user engagement and radically improve conversions.

Web Design

A Low-Carbon High-Impact Resource Site for Eco-Conscious Short-Term Rentals

Proving sustainability in the travel and tourism sector isn’t just good for the planet, it can be good for guests AND good for business too.

Web Design

New Website for New Events in the New Forest.

Transforming limited resources into an engaging and exciting events website for an arts programme in The New Forest

The Green Hosting Company office wall design
Branding | Web Design | Advertising | Social

Simplifying the Complicated World of Web Hosting

Fresh, bold, user-friendly, and (as usual around here) free from the typical boring cliché branding traits of a green company.

The Green Hosting Company office wall design

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