Culture in Common

Transforming limited brand resources and images into an engaging and exciting events website

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The Challenge

Culture in Common is an arts programme in The New Forest. They are on a mission to engage people in the community who wouldn’t normally connect with arts and culture. It’s a three-year programme aimed at creating more opportunities for people from all walks of life to see and take part in creative activities.

When they approached us they had worked with youth groups from the area to design a logo for Culture in Common. The winning design had been refined into a finished logo and it was now our job to translate that logo and colour palette into a low-carbon, sustainable and functionality-packed website that was welcoming, inclusive, fun and accessible to all.

Project Scope…

• Low-Carbon Website Design

• Filterable Event Calendar

• User-Friendly Content Management System

Our Approach & The Result

Fun fun fun, for the whole family!

We had a challenge: to take their limited brand resources and images and transform them into an engaging and exciting events website that would showcase the Culture in Common project.

Our goal was to create a platform that would highlight the New Forest’s different regional areas and promote a range of events across the whole New Forest.

But that’s not all – the website had to be accessible to AA standards, low-carbon and sustainable. With a tight 5-week turnaround and evolving requirements throughout the build, we had to be agile and responsive to ensure we delivered everything the project needed.

The project was delivered on time, to standard, and with pages that emit a minuscule 0.16 to 0.31g of CO2 per page (whereas an average website will emit 2-2.5g of CO2 per page view).

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