Proving that sustainability in hospitality is not just good for business and guests, but for the planet too. 

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The Challenge

Bob Garner, has been an operator of sustainable eco-friendly holiday apartments in Italy for 17 years. Recognizing the need to empower hosts and property managers to take action in the face of the climate emergency, the EnviroRental concept was born – a resource website providing short term rental owners with invaluable tips, advice, and guidance to make sustainability easy.

Bob, recognized the value of a low-carbon website and sought out our expertise. Not only did the website need to be eco-friendly, but it also required a resource area for logged-in users with a customised sign-up process and integration with their external marketing database.

But that’s not all – the website also needed to be user-friendly, allowing the EnviroRental team to easily add new resources and content as needed.

Project Scope…

• Low-Carbon Website Design

• Subscribers’ Resource Area

• Custom Functionality

• CMS Training

Our Approach & The Result

Build trust. Reduce CO2.

The first step in the project was to soften the brand colour palette and introduce a strong accent colour to enable us to pull out key call to action points across the website. We also addressed their typefaces, selecting an alternative that was cleaner, slicker, more modern and professional. When combined, these elements create a credible resource platform that short-term rental owners can trust to guide them on their sustainability journey.

Once the brand style was evolved, we set to work creating the resource website and developing the necessary functionality, all with the site’s carbon footprint firmly in mind.

The end result sees their pages emitting a teeny tiny 0.1 to 0.23g of CO2 per page (whereas an average website will emit 2-2.5g of CO2 per page view), and ⁠a platform that fosters trust and integrity for the EnviroRental brand. Thus, enabling them to work towards achieving their mission of creating a world full of sustainable property options for the eco-conscious traveller.

What a difference it is when you work with a professional web design agency like Kakadu Creative. They took my raw idea for a low carbon high impact website and created a thing of beauty, style and supreme functionality. They are skilled and creative and weren’t shy to respectfully challenge my thinking to get the very best for my website. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Bob Garner – CEO of EnviroRental

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