Vegan Accountants

A complete brand overhaul, total website redesign, and all-new promotional material. Minus the clichés.

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The Challenge

Vegan Accountants was born as a one-woman operation in 2017. Fast forward to 2020, and Keith Lesser (of Lesser & Co.) acquired the business with a mission to provide accounting services to ethical businesses.

However, the existing brand and marketing materials just weren’t up to par and didn’t resonate with Keith’s vision of the ideal client – a professional, growing and limited business.

Our mission? Simple. Say goodbye to the stale, uninspired accountant style you’ve seen a million times before, and show that Vegan Accountants do things differently, with a modern and professional approach.

But that’s not all. We knew we had to ditch the vegan/ethical cliches in their branding – just because you’re a vegan business it doesn’t mean you have to have a leaf in your logo. Just because you’re an ethical business it doesn’t mean you have to have a green brand. We knew we could break the mould and make a bold statement to ensure Vegan Accountants resonated with their target client.

Project Scope…

• Brand Stylescapes

• Visual Identity

• Custom Icon Creation

• Low-Carbon Website Design

• Digital Marketing Materials

• Event Stand Design

Our Approach & The Result

NO Leaves! NO Green!

We knew that creating a new, fresh, and impactful brand identity for Vegan Accountants was crucial. So we took their boring washed-out green colour and injected a burst of life with a fresh and vibrant blue that screams “professional, modern, and confident.”

The leaf icon? Gone. Enter the equals mark – a symbol synonymous with accounts and numbers, but also equality – a core value for vegans. Combining this with a new image style and brand fonts, the visual foundations of the new Vegan Accountants brand were set.

But it doesn’t end there. We then built a brand new, super-fast, low-carbon, sustainable, and effective website that’s crisp, clean, modern, and engaging. The user journey was transformed, and the enquiry process refined, generating more targeted and lucrative leads.

Alongside all this, we worked with Keith to plan and design a marketing stand to enable Vegan Accountants to stand out and make an impact at events and trade shows.

Ready to level-up your business level like Vegan Accountants?

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