Discover the Carbon Footprint of Your Website

The internet is responsible for 3.7% of global carbon emissions – more than the aviation industry! – but your website doesn’t have to be a part of that…

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You want to reduce your website’s carbon impact, right? Of course you do. But before you can reduce it, you need to know how big of a carbon footprint you’re dealing with.

We’ve got you covered there. Fill out these four fields, tick the yes please box (if you want), click the button, and hey presto!

We run a carbon audit of your site and send you a page-by-page report detailing how much dirty carbon it kicks out. And best of all, we’ll recommend some steps you can take to reduce it.

Plus, we’ll also advise on whether your site qualifies for Climate-Positive Website Accreditation from the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance.

So what are you waiting for?… Get that form completed and let’s get you audited.

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