An Introduction to Digital Carbon Emissions

The internet is dirty. And no, we’re not talking about the sites that your teenage boy swears he doesn’t look at. We’re talking about the energy that’s needed to power it and the resulting carbon emissions that are then released into our atmosphere.

It’s a huge issue and one that we all need to be taking steps to tackle. But where do you start, and how big of a problem is this really?

Well, in this free 20-page guide we’re going to give you an introduction to digital carbon emissions, covering where they come from and the impact our different online activities have. Plus, we’ll share tips and advice for how you can reduce your digital carbon emissions in your business or organisation.

What’s Inside?

In this guide we cover the dirty truth about digital carbon emissions. We break down why you should care – beyond the fact that it’s important for the environment. We show you where to start on your journey to reducing your digital carbon emissions, and we break down eight key areas of influence, with tips and actionable advice that you can start to implement in your business today.

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Written by Kayleigh Nicolaou

Co-founder of Kakadu Creative, Kayleigh has worked in the media industry since 2007, managing projects and campaigns for clients ranging from independent high street stores, to music festivals and international brands.
January 29, 2024

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