Interview: How to Have a Better Website

Want to know how to have a better and more effective website? ⁠

On episode 55, of the Vegan Business Tribe podcast, Kayleigh talks all things web with David.⁠

We talk about how to create a website that actually delivers you more customers – and why it’s especially important to get it right as a vegan business.⁠

We also talk with David about rebranding as a ‘vegan’ creative agency and the difference that bringing our vegan ethics to the front of our business has made.⁠

Listen to episode 55 to find out more.

Written by Kayleigh Nicolaou

Co-founder of Kakadu Creative, Kayleigh has worked in the media industry since 2007, managing projects and campaigns for clients ranging from independent high street stores, to music festivals and international brands.
November 24, 2021

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