Webinar: Reducing the Carbon Impact of the Internet

The internet industry is responsible for 4% of global carbon emissions, consumes 10% of the world’s electricity and, pre-pandemic, it generated the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions as the global aviation industry.

The shift to remote working and the rise of streaming services and social media has further accelerated the internet’s impact on the environment, meaning our use of it now needs to be a key part of our sustainability conversations.

In this recording, Kayleigh, presents to The Organisation for Responsible Businesses about the various steps you can take, both personally and professionally, to reduce the environmental impact of your internet use and reduce your digital carbon footprint.

Written by Kayleigh Nicolaou

Co-founder of Kakadu Creative, Kayleigh has worked in the media industry since 2007, managing projects and campaigns for clients ranging from independent high street stores, to music festivals and international brands.
August 26, 2022

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